so my site

Ive been working on my website for a few weeks now. i think that a lot of people struggle to see why I'm doing it and like what its all about. really i just want a place to link back to with info about myself. this way i can be spread out but have a place to just sorta show who i am and what i do

i was definitely influenced by the twitter communities use of sites to link back to as "about pages", like listography and that junk. most people switched to carrd (a sorta drag and drop webpage creator) and even i used carrd for a short while. but i found it limiting and dumb so i moved past that shit. i knew at the time that Ive seen some people using neocities and actually learning html and putting effort into their "about pages" so i thought id do the same. cuz fuck carrd and listography, i wanna do some shitty fucking html and make a cool site.

so i went with neocities mostly cuz i liked their whole message and agree with it. its actually something i think about e…
new blog. check out my listography!